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The Story.


Hi there! 


I’m Justin and I am the co-owner and founder of Le Fleuriste Nola LLC. I wanted to 

introduce myself and tell you a little bit about our company. 

Everyone of us, whether we are from a big city, or a small town, like myself, has that special

person that they call when a loved one needs a little cheering up or someone near and dear 

passes on. That special person who knows how to put just the right touch on your dream bouquet for that special, unforgettable day.  The one who can elevate your big event to something truly grande! 

The Florist.

We are many. And we are passionate about the work that we do!

 We want to be your Florist.


Le Fleuriste Nola is the product of a collaboration of individuals, but most importantly, that of my life partner, Chad. Chad, as co-owner of the company,  brings more than just his 15 years of experience  in business management and solutions, but also his attention to detail and customer satisfaction. As co-owner and Director of Operations, Chad works tirelessly to ensure all aspects of our company run smoothly.  One thing is certain, his eye for design and detail comes in handy and can be seen throughout all of our designs.

Most importantly, he is my complete and solid rock of support. Our 13 year journey together has been one of learning and loving. What greater gift than to build a business together with the one who knows you best. Truly grateful.

I am a musician, educator, artist, entrepreneur, leader, friend, and much more.

But most importantly, I am a creator of beautiful things.

  Creativity is the force that drives everything we do at Le Fleuriste. Sharing that creativity and the mindset that comes with it are top priority for me. Whether it be creating an impressive floral installation, or crafting the perfect boutonnière, there is something so special about sharing creative energy. My method for sharing that creative energy is nature. Chad and I love taking the pups for a walk around the city, anticipating what we’ll discover next! The natural world around us reminds me daily that there is beauty all around us. Flowers give us more than just beauty. They give us light, hope, joy, and comfort. 

I hope that you will give us the opportunity to share with you the creative love that we have for the world of floristry. 

Flower Shop

Our Flowers

At Le Fleuriste Nola LLC, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality floral products. We go the extra mile to ensure that each flower is meticulously inspected and sourced locally whenever possible. However, we also embrace the beauty of nature by foraging unique foliage, branches, and flowers from our surroundings to incorporate into our designs. Subscribing to our newsletter will keep you updated on our latest findings and provide inspiration for your own floral arrangements. Remember, it's always best to ask before borrowing a piece of your favorite neighbor's flowering vine.

Flower Arrangements

Our Process

Getting to know our clients is at the forefront of what we do everyday. It is imperative that we learn what inspires you. We love chatting with clients and getting to know what really moves them. Then we can really inspire creativity to craft something truly unique and enduring. We have made life-long friends simply by engaging in conversation with new clients and striving to ensure that they trust the work of art that we will create for them. 

Let’s Work Together

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